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This huge restaurant just off Interstate 494 is one of four in the Twin Cities suburbs. Today we continue our series and explore Woodbury, Minnesota, home to a number of great restaurants, bars and restaurants. This week, Woodburg Magazine goes behind the scenes as a couple and friends indulge in fabulous food at this cozy and delicious eatery.

Sitting at a private corner table, we asked our server to recommend a lively wine to accompany the restaurant's truffle fries ($9). This place is no secret, considering how busy it is, but it is also a place where the people of Woodbury go out for a meal after sporting events, meet up with neighbours for a drink or just hang out. It is a great place to meet up with friends, boys and girls for a good time, even if you are only a few blocks from the city limits.

If you like your Pho mild, you will be in heaven, but if you don't, there is a heart of joy that can be added. The optional paprika cappuccino side should be mandatory, as the pepper acid and heat are cut through meat, cheese and bread and the dish is balanced. A little heat and spice will add to an already pleasant dish, and you can finish it off with some of the house salsa that's already on your table. For the resourceful guests, there are a few more options available, such as a side salad or a salad with fresh herbs and spices, and reward the guests with a delicious taste.

Ronnally's Pizza has been in business since 1973 and claims to be Woodbury's oldest restaurant. Here's a list of places that have been around since the 1690s, but at last we're saving the most venerable for the last.

The atmosphere is wonderful, the wine list contains some real Italian gems, and when we were there on Tuesday there was a live pianist. The restaurant has a similar Italian menu, but it is made from scratch and has a native Italian and his wife who work the room, greet customers and chat about the food. Don't worry, they have discounted beers and apps and a good selection of discounted wine and beer apps, as well as a great beer list.

If you haven't yet decided on an entree, you can order an appetizer to set the wheels in motion, and it's like a French roast heaven served with Grana Padano. This dish consists of grilled seafood crostini - fresh mussels, fresh mozzarella, garlic, olive oil and basil. It goes well with the smoked blue cheese, which is refined with sweet butter and served over grilled mushrooms.

Chef / owner Angelo Montes recommends this delicious dish, filled with plump sautéed prawns and pancetta. Take the eggplant rolllatini, which consist of thin slices of eggplant rolled in fresh mozzarella and basil and topped with a crisp arrabiata sauce. If you fancy something more traditional, we recommend spaghetti bolognese with roasted tomatoes, olives, garlic, olive oil and tomato sauce, all cooked in a silky carbonara sauce inspired by Rome and topped with Parmesan cheese, or spoil your loved ones with crusty flat iron steaks.

If you're interested in a lobster tail, you can put one on your plate for just $10 or one of the many options for just $5.

So, starting in spring 2020, you can pop into Bridgeman's Ice Cream Salon on the corner of East Main Street and North Avenue in Woodbury and have your honey there. Enjoy a roast duck breast ($25), served with a side of sweet and savory BBQ sauce and a pickle on top. Smoked, smoked and grilled over a wood fire, enriched with spicy and sweet barbecue sauce, served over Australian fries, it is the perfect accompaniment to any meal.

If you're always looking for a good hot dago, order the Italian Meat Lasagne ($15) shown below, sitting comfortably in a soft cabin next to your sweetheart. Pizza would be the obvious choice, and Ronnally's Pizza offers a variety of pizza options, from the classic to the more exotic, such as a pizza with cheese and tomato sauce.

I tried the taco al pastor, Mexican style, and found it freaky 'massive and B - delicious. I tried a Poblano version and thought it would hold up well, especially compared to some other options on the menu, such as the Poblanos ($6.50) and the Chorizo (a little less than $5).

For starters, the lobster-prawn risotto was delicious and quite handsome, and I particularly liked the meatballs with honey-sriracha shrimp. I was pleasantly surprised by the house - limoncello ($5.50) and the fresh basil and basil pesto.

The sausage pies were dense, mildly spicy and well seasoned, and the meat was tender and crispy with a deep spice profile. The sauce was spicy and herbed, without any excess sugar, but the dice proportions of the toppings were absolutely spot on. I was not disappointed: the tortillas were hot from the grill, the bread was thick and crispy, deep-roasted without burning.

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